Transitioning Diary

December 1, 2014 Diary Entry:

November 30th 2014 is the day I decided I will no longer get a relaxer.  I want to see my natural hair.  I wanna know my natural curl pattern.  I want thick, big hair.  I want curly hair.  I want healthy hair.

So… what do I do now?  Well, lets back it up a tad… I just got a relaxer November 22, 2014.  Look at me, all relaxed and thangs!  IMG_0103

Prior to that, I’ve been relaxed since I was 15 years old! My hair has pretty much been considered “good hair” by everyone but over time with dyeing and relaxing… I noticed my hair becoming brittle, breaking and just becoming thin overall. I hated it!

Looking at pictures of natural hair woman on instagram and overdosing on youtube videos of gorgeous naturalistas, I knew more than ever it was time for me to start this transitional process.  The BIG CHOP?!?!  Oh no!  Too scared for that.  Had long hair all my life and just afraid of what my pie face ass would look like with a super short do and a new texture that I would have to adapt to?!? I’ll pass on that! LOL…  Those who know me, know I don’t know anything about doing hair.  If it wasn’t going to the salon or putting my hair up in a ponytail… It wasn’t for me.  But, I still decided to transition.  Maybe, I’ll be ready for the big chop 1 year and 6 months from now…  Yeah, let’s make it a date. May 2016 (if not before) will be my BIG CHOP month.

Ok, now that your up to speed. What will I do with my hair while I transition? Well, since my relaxer is fresh… I’ll rock my hair straight by wrapping it every night.  I’m not a person who applies daily heat to my hair.  Shit, couldn’t if I wanted to… Don’t even know how to flat iron (im not joking)…  Grandma spoiled me with hairdresser at an early age.  I never learned how to do my hair and never had the patience for it.  Anywho, once I have an abundance of new growth, I’m gonna get me a curly/wavy weave baby.  Rock it for no longer than 3 months… Take it out, cut inches of relaxed hair off…. Rock some cornrows for about 2 weeks to give hair a break… Then repeat that process about 4 more times before the big chop.

Ok.. stay tuned…  I’ll be back when I get a weave.

January 8, 2015 Diary Entry:

Hey Yall! It’s January 8, 2015… and umm (cough) I’m not getting a weave.  Scrolling and overdosing on naturalistas once again…I decided to get another protective style.  I’m getting faux locs installed TOMORROW (singing)…  Hope it looks awesome and works well with my scalp (meaning no allergic reaction).  Thought about it for a while and decided I wanted to try something new. Fingers crossed.  Bye!

March 3, 2015 Diary Entry:

Hey yall! So, I got the faux locs on January 9th…  To my surprise, big success!  They were lovely! Look at me thinking I’m Lisa Bonet sexy. LOL


Yeah, I was looking cute until about a month in a half in when I wanted to get them touched up and lengthen to waist length. Scalp started itching something terrible. Don’t know if was from hair being tighten and the extra length pulling, but something had to be done! Tried vinegar & water on scalp, washing hair etc. Nothing worked…  I was beginning to scratch so much I was taking my own hair out… So! Took them out…  Fun while they lasted. Now… what’s next???

 June 5, 2015 Diary Entry:

Hey yall! I’m back and I have a weave in.  Got indian curly hair installed late April and plan to take it out end of June to prepare for another weave install in July.  My scalp is not itchy and all is well on my end with my weave.  My perimeter is left out and I can see a little curl pattern in the little new growth that I have. IMG_6143

Thinking of my big chop scheduled for next year got me anxious.  I already started preparing what style I would do if my immediate big chop looks a mess (meaning hair is confused and curl pattern is not forming up right I guess… I’m so new to this… Don’t mind me!).  I started to educate myself on natural hair and every day I’m more and more intrigued.  While once again overdosing on naturalista’s on IG and youtube I came across a book called the CG (curly girl) Method by: Larraine Massey.  Once completely natural… I plan to do this CG Method.  Until then, I will keep overdosing. Off to see who has the book for cheapest price. Bye!

July 1, 2015 Diary Entry:

I got a new weave!  Blonde at that! Lol…  Wanted to try something new.  What better way to color than to color your weave! No damage to my hair! It’s different and growing on me.  I will keep this in for about 2 months… Then…what’s next. The fun of transitioning. Check out the color below.


August 21, 2015 Diary Entry:

Ok, I’m tired of this weave!  I guess because its blonde.  Just getting back from Dominican Republic, Punta Cana where I did all sorts of excursions. This hair has been caught up in seaweed from the ocean to being muddy from riding on the ATV’s.  This hair has got to go! And yes, it’s been 2 months! I’m heading to salon ASAP to get weave removed, deep condition and 3-4 inches cut.



August 22, 2015 Diary Entry:

My scalp feels the outside air! Yay! I have cornrows now. Got weave removed, deep conditioned and cut like I mentioned prior. I’m feeling oh so blah…  My new growth was horrific and very difficult to comb out (sigh).  At the moment, I’m hating these two different textures.  That’s is exactly why I keep it out of sight!  I have to have a no-to-low manipulation protective style because if not… I don’t know what I would do! My cornrows are cute though. How you doing?!?

August 28, 2015 Diary Entry:

IMG_0358Ok, a week later.  I’m back.  What’s next.  I decided to try box braids! Yes, I’m doing the most. But hey, this is my transition right? Getting them installed tomorrow morning.  Hopefully, all goes well and I love my braids.  I plan to keep them in for 2-3 months. Just thought of something…Its August.. And in 3 months it will be 1 whole year of me transitioning… WOW… How the time is flying.  Off to get washed and deep conditioned…

September 16, 2015 Diary Entry:

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s almost 3 weeks since my braids were installed. My scalp, braids and I are doing great.  No issues, hallelujah! I purchased “sulfur 8 medicated anti-dandruff conditioner dandruff treatment for Braids” spray… Woo, long name… lol…  Anywho, it prevents dry itching scalp. I spray that on my scalp once a week and put coconut oil on my braids, focusing on areas where my hair is actually braided into.  All is well thus far and I’m a happy camper.

**I want to point out I made it my business to tell them not to braid my hair tight and they did an excellent job.


September 24, 2015 Diary Entry:

Hey Y’all.  In the process of me transitioning.  I realized a new passion and what I will focus my YouTube channel on. Natural Hair!  This hair got me on a roller coaster and I’m enjoying this ride. With the ups comes the downs but I am not getting off. Instead, I’m motivated and inspired. Hence, this blog your reading! Yes, keeping the transitioning diary of my personal thoughts during this process, has inspired me to start my own blog.  Scary when I think about it but the passion is within me so, why not!?! Originally, I started to document my transitioning journey for my YouTube channel I’m planning to do… I quickly realized I had a lot to say. Might as well take these thoughts and this big mouth to a blog!


If you were wondering, yes, I still have my box braids in and I still love them.  Box braids will more than likely be one of my go to styles when I want to give my hair or myself a break.  Thinking of what will be my next protective style while at the same time enjoying the one I have now.  Laters, Baby.

October 9, 2015 Diary Entry:

Hey Hey Hey! Box braids still hanging in there.  I have a lot of new growth and been really looking forward to my chop month or even thinkiIMG_1678ng of maybe chopping before May. I’m unsure of the length of my natural hair growing in…But hopefully I see an abundance of natural hair once these braids are out.

I purchased “Curly Girl the Handbook” by Lorraine Massey w/ Michele Bender.
I’ve been reading the book and educating myself on natural hair. Also been working day and night on my blog. Doing it alone, but it’s coming along great.

Thinking about purchasing hairfinity to speed my growth along.  I actually used the supplements last year when I was relaxed and I did see a lot of growth.  So why not?

All in all… Everything is good and I’m still patiently transitioning.



November 5, 2015

OMG. Yes! My braids are still in! I love them! But it’s time to take them out!  Don’t want my hair to start locking. I’m going 1st thing Saturday morning to get them out.  Lord knows I ain’t taking them out!

Initially, as you already know I planned to transition for 18 months.  However, I’m wanting to see and nurture this natural hair of mine. I’ve been protective styling for almost a year now. I got that chop itch bad! What’s makes me nervous? After having long hair all my life, it’s hard to fathom having short hair. As hours pass though, I’m getting more comfortable with idea of chopping.

It has been a journey transitioning for 11 months and 5 days to date.  Let’s see what the weekend holds!  Laters, Baby!

November 9, 2015

Hey! Hey! Hey! Guess who big chopped this past weekend?!?  I did!  I know I originally planned to transition for 18 months but I couldn’t take it! Waiting 7 more months to chop seemed like an eternity. I wanted that relaxed hair gone!

IMG_2520Once my braids were out, I didn’t want to waist my expensive natural hair products on some damaged permed hair!  I bought my own products to the salon. Told my stylist to chop it before she washed it! And she did!

So, basically she parted my hair in sections, sprayed with waterIMG_2522 and began to cut!  The difference between the permed and relaxed hair was very apparent. Funny thing is, I didn’t feel nervous or anything.  Just wanted the damaged hair gone! Once complete, it felt good to run my hands through thick, curly healthy hair! Yes, the curls was already popping with just water.

IMG_2524Next, she washed 3 times with “As I Am, Curl Clarity Shampoo.” I purchased that because I wanted to rid my hair of all build up. Then, we deep conditioned with “Mixed Chicks, deep conditioner.” I purchased that because I could not find Camille Rose Naturals, Algae Renew Deep Conditioner (which I hear is the bomb!). I sat under the dryer for 15 to 20 minutes. When I tell you my hair felt and looked so good.  I can say, I’m a fan of the Mixed Chicks deep conditioner! So, after the conditioner was rinsed out, I used “Tresemme Naturals Conditioner” as my leave in. Then got my hair styled in cornrows because I was not ready to rock the curly bush just yet. It’s at an awkward length and a little too short for me.

All in all I can say I’m happy with the choice I made to chop sooner than later.  I feel my hair will grow faster now and I can easily deep condition between protective styles without having to deal with two different textures. Now, I’m off to order my hair diffuser and to get some natural hair products.

Laters, Baby!

November 21, 2015


Hey y’all!  I went to my hair appointment today to get my marley twists done but my damn appointment was scheduled for last weekend (dumb me)…  Anywho, just rescheduled for tomorrow.  So up and out early in the A.M. to drive back to Stafford to get this bush done. You may ask… why Stafford. Well, Aisha Braiding in Stafford, Va did an excellent job on my braids prior.  They didn’t braid tight, excellent prices and they were nice people.

But back to my bush though.  I’m loving this thang and my curl pattern.  Nothing like loving something that’s naturally yours.  So far, I’ve done two washNgo’s. Once with shea moisture shampoo and conditioner then the next time with the Devacurl No Poo and One Condition… Try to find what works for me.

IMG_3027I must say I’m loving the Deva curl products.  My hair felt super soft.  However my curls, were popping with both products. At the end of the day I’m happy I big chopped sooner than later.  I just love my hair! How it feels… the texture…how healthy it is…  I can go on!

Now that my transitioning journey is over… What’s next on my agenda?  I plan to do protective styles until April. Then I will get my hair dyed and shaped.  Then just begin to rock my natural. Grow my hair out healthy and long.

I thank you for reading my transitioning diary. I hope you have learned something, laughed a IMG_2983little or have been inspired.  On the this roller coaster to natural I was inspired.  I created my youtube and started this blog! Still can’t believe I got my hair cut off! I really thought I would have a different reaction.  But boy was I wrong.  It felt liberating when I let go of all that damaged hair. If your wondering if you should big chop or not… I say, GO FOR IT!  If your like me and not fully comfortable with the length after your chop continue to protective style for a while to your at a length your comfortable with. To see what’s what in my life, tune into my youtube channel or come back to visit my blog. Thank you again.