About ME

Hello and Welcome Beauties!

About MeI am beyond excited to be able to share a little in depth look as to who I am and my favorite things. First let me introduce myself. My name is Sabrina Greene and I am from Alexandria, Virginia. I love natural hair, as well as makeup, fashion, health and fitness.

I started on my journey to become natural in  2014 by transitioning from a relaxed state for 11 months. I  bigchopped (cut the relaxed portion of my hair off) in November 2015. Since becoming natural I never looked back and still, I’m gaining knowledge on how to care for my hair every day. I’m ready to ride this natural wave!

Makeup and fashion is something that has always been interesting to me growing up. Your face is your canvas, if makeup makes you happy, paint that face girl! Blend that shit until your arms fall off! Fashion is an expression, your creation, and having the right outfit along with the right accessories brings everything together.

Health and Fitness, something that is important to me but also an everyday struggle. Being healthy and fit go hand in hand and making proper eating choices plays a big part in your fitness goals and overall health. I constantly battle with getting that steak&cheese sandwich or that salad. The struggle is real y’all. Bare with me and please feel free to help me on my quest to become a healthier, more fit, better version of myself.

I believe I have something to offer and I may even inspire someone which is what led me to start this blog along with the JustBrina YouTube channel. I figured it’s a lot of women out there who are going through the same or thinking about making a lifestyle change. Why not document it and share with you guys? While doing something that makes me happy, I hope to bring you daily inspirations. Enjoy!


Sabrina G.