Shea Moisture’s Low Porosity Line…My Thoughts!

Okay y’all… I did the porosity test. I have low porosity hair. I’m a Shea Moisture product junkie. When I heard about this line I was too excited. I didn’t even search at TJ Maxx for these products.  Y’all know I hate paying full price for anything! I went straight to Target, because I knew they were stocked, to purchase.

Ok, jumping right in. The shampoo and conditioner was ok. Not the most moisturizing. At first I liked the scent because it was different from the typical bubble gum, tropical girly smelling products.  This line had more of a masculine scent. But by the time, I was finished shampooing, I was so OVER the scent. It seemed to get stronger and stronger.

Once the shampoo and conditioning was over, my hair was left soft and fluffy. I then went in with the leave-in conditioner. This line did not come with any styling products… So, I let my hair air dry after applying leave-in.

Once my hair dried, it was decent to say the least. This look lasted for 1 day. 2nd day my hair felt extremely dry and brittle.

It’s safe to say, I’M NOT FAN and will not be purchasing the particular line again.