PRODUCT BUILDUP? Try Hawaiian Silky NEW ACV line to CLARIFY!

Hawaiian Silky Apple Cider Vinegar collection is designed for all thick or coarse hair types whether straight or curly.

The collection brought life back to my weighed down hair and got my scalp under control. The alpha-hydroxy in the shampoo, gently exfoliates the scalp and removes product buildup. The ACV combats build-up while the black castor oil locks in moisture, making hair stronger and stops breakage. Once I added leave-in conditioner, I was then ready for styling.

Steps in video below:

1️⃣Washed hair with @hawaiiansilkyus Charcoal Activated Shampoo
2️⃣Massaged ACV on scalp then rinsed
3️⃣Sprayed all over hair the ACV Leave-in Conditioner, then sectioned off and prepared for styling.