Pre-Poo Method

Pre-poo: What is it?

Pre-poo (or pre-shampoo treatment) is when you saturates hair (dry) by applying a moisturizer, oil, hair butter, or a combination of them all and/or other beneficial foods like avocados and honey.

Do you have dry scalp? Pre-pooing is the perfect way to soothe the driest scalp.

Pre-poo: Benefits

By reinforcing hair with natural oils and conditioners during pre-shampoo treatments, you improve manageability, softening hair which is a benefit from the restored moisture supplied by the treatment. The extra moisture and manageability aids in detangling, which in turn reduces breakage. The use of pre-poos help avoid “squeaky” clean hair that can cause dry, brittle hair and excessive split ends.

Pre-poo: How Do You Do It?

Watch video below:

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